Finding photos

A lot of you have been asking about how best to find photos of yourselves on the ride.

WNBR does not collect, curate or publish photos except for a few good quality ones we use with permission on our website or social media.

We always have reservations about photos because we know a tiny proportion of people with cameras are sleazy people trying to take inappropriate photos – and they often like to post them on public sites.  It can give you a bad feeling about the human race.

The two ideas we’d suggest are Google and Instagram.

On Google, a search for something like london naked bike on the image search option with date set to the right period shows a lot of good photos – most of which are OK.

Instagram is harder due to the way its search works, but you will get some good results searching for #wnbrlondon.

We no longer recommend Flickr. It has been losing popularity as a general photo sharing site (because most people use their social media), but is still used by serious photographers and by people sharing adult photos. You may find some bad content. Because most WNBR photos will be classified as “adult” you would need to log in and set your options to see them.  There are some photographers and groups who claim to be WNBR – they are fake and almost certainly to be avoided.  One genuine group to look at is London Naked Bike Ride, but it is a bit unbalanced in the content that has been posted. In 2022, Flickr announced they will close all free accounts that contain moderate or restricted content – and WNBR photos usually fall into those categories.  As well as losing photos, this means many of the volunteer moderators will lose access and can no longer help or protect you.