#NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide 2020

Please keep up the campaign!

Isolation Naked Bike Ride

WNBR London ran a programme of #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide activities on Saturday 13th June 2020 in place of the postponed 17th annual ride. We wanted to keep attention on our campaign themes – and have a jolly good time doing it!

Activities on 13th June were intended to promote the campaign themes of WNBR, without incurring additional risks for participants or the public. It was wise to continue social distancing, so all activities were intended to be performed safely in isolation.

You can read about the day in our blog. Winning entries in the photo competition can be found in this blog.

We have also left the activity descriptions here on this page. Although the day is past, the quiz and gallery are still open.

Activities on 13th June 2020

All day, every day: WNBR London Quiz – an online quiz about WNBR London and its campaign themes. See what your score is and let everyone know! Share it widely because it has some important campaign points in it.

World Naked Exercise Bike Ride

10:00 to 17:30: Exercise and surprise – safe cycling and other forms of activity people can do instead of being on the ride, either at home or safely in isolation outside. Participants are encouraged to Zoom-In or share photos – go on, surprise! You can get some ideas from our photo gallery.

10:00 to 22:00: #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide photo submission & prize competition –where people share photos of what they’ve been doing in place of riding with WNBR. We’ve asked our marshals and friends to show you what we mean by posting examples of their alternative activities – so there’s already some great photos to look at in the #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide Photo Gallery. Best submissions will win a WNBR London Goody Bag with seat cover, mug and badge.

You can also share your photos or stories on social media using the hashtags #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide or #notwnbr but they won’t be entered into the competition or be immortalised on our website.

15:00 to 17:30: Zoom-In #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide – connecting supporters and special guests for chats about WNBR with a show/tell what they’ve been doing. To reduce the chances of unwelcome participants or content, you need to pre-register for the Zoom-Ins.

16:00 and 17:00: WNBR London Watchathons –during the Zoom-In, supporters will be encouraged to watch and discuss excellent film clips about WNBR London. We also expect to play more videos during the evening session.

19:00 to 21:00: #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide Afterparty – an online OPEN STAGE afterparty session just for fun! Let you entertain us. Sing a song. Read a poem. Tell a (clean) joke. Do some naked yoga. Anything you like as long as it’s not objectionable (no overt sexual behaviour, obscenities, negative sentiments, etc). Relax after a busy day. Listen to music. Dance a bit.

The Zoom-In activities will have a gatekeeper and moderator. To be allowed to join, you need to pre-register the name you will use on Zoom. This does not need to be your real name but you have to use the name you gave us to get in. You will need to give us a working email address to receive the connection details. Registration is now closed.

World Naked Trampolining

Zoom-In Videos and Links

If you want to know more about our Zoom-In Guests, here are some things to look at.

3:05pm to 3:45pm Mark Walsh and Pam Fraser from British Naturism (BN) will be talking about the growth in interest and what BN is doing. Mark is their events manager and Pam is their youth ambassador.
4pm to 4:45pm Dr Keon West is a Reader in Social Psychology at Goldsmiths, with numerous international awards for his research, teaching, media engagement, and social activism. He has a particular interest in the social benefits of nudity and has ridden several times with WNBR.
Dr Victoria Bateman is a fellow in economics at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, who is also well known for her views on feminism and body positivity. Most notably, she has become a public figure through her naked lectures and campaigning against Brexit.
Lucy Muse is a naked video maker who has ridden in several WNBRs and made an excellent documentary about the WNBR London ride in 2018.
4:45pm to 5:10pm Rob, Mike, Harvey and Dave from WNBR are cycling and environmental campaigners who were involved at the start of WNBR London back in 2004.
5:10pm to 5:30pm Participants’ videos and activities
We also hope to have a visit from well-known WNBR ride leader, Lady Godiva, if she can step away from her day job to join us.
7pm to 9pm From 7pm to 9pm we will be relaxing and enjoying the company of fellow WNBR London people. It is an OPEN STAGE afterparty, so we are looking to everyone to entertain us, with tales of what you’ve been doing for #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide, music, songs, dancing, stories, photos. We will also play the long versions of some of the video clips you saw in the afternoon. (Sexual or obscene behaviour and images are not allowed.)


WNBR London Vimeo Channelhttps://vimeo.com/wnbrlondon
WNBR London2019 flypast https://vimeo.com/34204903806:20
WNBR London 2014 highlights https://vimeo.com/42620804604:10
30 second WNBR London trailerhttps://vimeo.com/28871195200:30
WNBR London 2005 by Keith Robersonhttps://vimeo.com/42592238005:07
High Altitude WNBR Documentary https://vimeo.com/14107674230:50
Brexit Leaves Britain Naked by Victoria Batemanhttps://vimeo.com/30110002802:13
Brexit: The Naked Truth by Dr Victoria Batemanhttps://vimeo.com/31426547131:40
BN’s Pam Fraser on ITV’s This Morninghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjMGvn8Nscs11:39
WNBR London 2019 highlightshttps://vimeo.com/39778581505:00
Lucy Muse’s WNBR London Documentary (2018)https://vimeo.com/27469422019:30
Lucy Muse Vimeo Channelhttps://vimeo.com/thomasandmuse
vivrenu-tv Documentary (2017)https://vimeo.com/27782168807:54

Rules of the day

Indoor Naked Turbo Training Ride

We want our day to be safe, worthy and fun. Here are some important rules and advice.

All activities will be clothing optional and we’d love to see some body painting, fancy dress, bike decorations and flags – just like the real thing. You can also participate normally dressed if that’s what you want.

Children should not participate without parental permission, guidance and supervision. We cannot guarantee the good behaviour of all participants, but we will try to moderate the content.

We advise you not to be naked on your own in the public eye. Although it should be legal, you are much more likely to experience criticism, objections, aggression and interference from the police.

We will not tolerate overtly sexual or obscene imagery or behaviour. Likewise we will not allow bad language or negative comments. You are likely to be banned from WNBR activities and channels for life if you behave badly.

You should follow wise advice about social distancing, whether or not your activities have been made permissible by Government regulations. We do not want to see group activities.

Any photos shared should be your own and you also need to make sure any identifiable people in it are happy for you to share them.

We will try to prevent people filming or photographing the Zoom sessions, but there is always a chance someone might get a picture – so don’t do anything on screen that you might regret later.

So what are you going to do for #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide?