Pre-registration for Zoom-In

Pre-registration is closed

The Zoom-In activities were a great success – see our blog to read more. For the record, the description and rules have been retained below.

As part of #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide we are running two Zoom-Ins where we want to see as many supporters as possible joining us. We’ll have a panel plus some special guests as well as the stars of the show – yourselves. We particularly want to hear and see what you’ve been doing to keep the bikes rolling in place of this year’s postponed ride.

The afternoon session runs at the same time we should have been riding. The emphasis is on what you’re doing, whether it’s riding alone up in the hills or doing a bit of gentle gardening.Our guests will be chatting about their related areas of interest. We also plan to have some watchathon sessions where everyone is invited to watch and discuss some of our best videos.

The evening session is meant to be a bit of a whacky afterparty, with some music, dancing and banter. Again, you’ll be the stars of the show!

Rules for the day

We want our day to be safe, worthy and fun. Here are some very reasonable rules and advice.

  • All activities will be clothing optional and we’d love to see some body painting, fancy dress, bike decorations and flags – just like the real thing. You can also participate normally dressed if that’s what you want.
  • Children should not participate without parental permission, guidance and supervision. We cannot guarantee the good behaviour of all participants, but we will try to moderate the content.
  • We advise you not to be naked on your own in the public eye. Although it should be legal, you are much more likely to experience criticism, objections, aggression and interference from the police.
  • We will not tolerate overtly sexual or obscene imagery or behaviour. Likewise we will not allow bad language or negative comments. You are likely to be banned from WNBR activities and channels for life if you behave badly.
  • You should follow wise advice about social distancing, whether or not your activities have been made permissible by Government regulations. We do not want to see group activities.
  • Any photos shared should be your own and you also need to make sure any identifiable people in it are happy for you to share them.
  • We will try to prevent people filming or photographing the Zoom sessions, but there is always a chance someone might get a picture – so don’t do anything on screen that you might regret later.

The Zoom-In activities will have a gatekeeper and moderator. To be allowed to join, you need to pre-register the name you will use on Zoom. This does not need to be your real name but you have to use the name you gave us to get in. It will also need to be a unique name, so don’t call yourself something like Dave or iPhone. You will need to give us a working email address to receive the connection details.

Please dip in and out as you wish. If it gets too busy we might need to remove you to make way for people trying to join – apologies in advance.