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Jubilee Celebrations impact upon the World Naked Bike Ride in London on 11th June 2022

Issued 6th April 2022

The World Naked Bike Ride London Collective (WNBR London) has announced changes to this year's ride on 11th June due to the Queen's Jubilee celebrations the preceding weekend.

WNBR London is a processional protest, which has been riding since 2004. Its campaign themes address cycling, safety, oil dependency, the environment and body positivity. The 2022 ride is scheduled for its regular date on the second Saturday of June - 11th June 2022.

Given that the Jubilee celebrations will have been the weekend beforehand, no concern had been raised by the Police or other authorities. In consultations with the Royal Parks' Hyde Park management team, it transpired that there are unpublished plans for closing a large part of Hyde Park and Green Park along with other areas in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace. Although the celebrations will be over, these areas will remain closed to the public for the dismantling of infrastructure. According to the Royal Parks, this will make it impossible for riders or the general public to use these parts of Hyde Park. They also anticipate closures around Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Constitution Hill and the Mall, which would mean the closure of cycle paths as well as the roads and other public access.

WNBR London considered a number of options. It was agreed that the date should not be changed as many people have already made arrangements and it would mean clashes with other UK WNBR rides. To accommodate the closures, the Hyde Park start location will not be available this year. It will also be necessary to make adjustments to the route and to the finish point.

Other starts are expected to remain as planned, with locations at Clapham Junction, Croydon, Deptford, Kew Bridge, Regents Park, Tower Hill, and Victoria Park, along with an accessible option.

Organiser Dave said "Hyde Park is always the biggest and most popular start. It's where the ride started from in 2004 and we have always welcomed the support of the Royal Parks in facilitating this well-behaved, spectacular protest ride. The participants also love the area and sing Happy Birthday to the Queen as they ride down the Mall. It's a sad loss for us this year but we'll wish the Queen well from afar and be back next year."

For further information and updates, participants should see our website at WNBRLondon.UK or follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @wnbrlondon.

Editorial Notes

Information for press and media can be accessed on our website at: https://wnbrlondon.uk/wnbr-london/about-2/press-info/

Last year, the ride was delayed until 14th August 2021 due to the pandemic. It had an estimated 1,421 riders.

Press and media are welcome to use materials from our media library - see https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw9utABL3mPxX3RrakliTXgyY1k. These have been approved for free reproduction for the promotion of WNBR London. Where appropriate, any suggested attributions are shown in the image description.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a world-wide initiative. In the UK, we normally expect WNBR rides in around 15 locations. WNBR London has been taking to the streets in June since 2004. It's free, it's fun, it's legal and it's making the world a better place for everyone. The movement promotes a cleaner environment, safer roads, healthier lifestyles and better attitudes.

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