WNBR London 2018

Massive thanks to the riders and marshals who made this year’s ride the biggest and best ever. It was a great day – good people and good weather, albeit with some snags – but that’s normal.

Some of you might be disappointed that we missed out some of your favourite landmarks and were a bit late. There were a lot of blockages and danger areas as a result of several conflicting and sometimes violent demonstrations in Central London. We had info from the police, TfL and our own people watching CCTV and actually at potential trouble spots. All the start groups made diversions.

For the final leg, one of our stewards reported in the violence in Trafalgar Square. You may have heard 5 police officers were injured, a tourist bus was hijacked and smoke bombs were thrown. We took you on a planned and tested diversion route, which is why you didn’t get to sing Happy Birthday to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

We hope you still enjoyed the day and we’re sorry we had to make those diversions to keep you safe. Thank you so much for making it a success!

Tower Hill are first to arrive at Forum Magnum Square, with just another 5 groups to join them!