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Our 17th annual WNBR London Naked Bike Ride was expected to be on the afternoon of Saturday 13th June 2020. Due to the circumstances, it has been cancelled but replaced by a #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide programme. Our campaign is worthy, free, fun, legal and it’s making the world a better place for everyone.


The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists and is a protest against car culture. WNBR is a worldwide campaign with a number of linked themes.

Its objectives are to:

  • protest against the global dependency on oil
  • curb car culture
  • obtain real rights for cyclists
  • demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
  • celebrate body freedom

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This video of the 2014 ride was created to meet social media standards (which means it is rather cruelly edited to avoid seeing parts of the body that social media cannot bear to see bare).