Slogans and Decoration

The World Naked Bike Ride is a protest event designed to raise awareness of issues that form the WNBR mission and are important to the people taking part. While many of the participants enjoy being out in the city naked on a bicycle, the event is a protest and the more we get our messages across, the better!

vs170406-001Decorating yourself and your bike helps us get the message across and hopefully helps you have some more fun too.

Body Painting

Body paint gets our messages across and also adds to the carnival atmosphere of the ride. It can also be a good way to go naked but not put everything on display if that’s important to you.


See more examples on the Body Painters page.

Lots of slogans people have previously suggested can be found on the wiki if you can’t think of your own – Slogans

Body Painted Riders

Masks, Face Decoration and Disguises

We know that many people have concerns about being recognised on the ride or maybe in newspaper or TV coverage.  You might be worried about  your family, friends, colleagues, your work, your security clearance, or you don’t trust the authorities.  You’ll find a pair of sunglasses and a cycle helmet is enough for most people to become unrecognisable.

We also enjoy the great range of decoration and fancy dress that people take the time to prepare for the ride.  However, here is some guidance:

  • do not have masks or costumes which reduce your vision or ability to ride a bike safely
  • do not expect that a face disguise will mean you can get away with bad behaviour such as being a problem photographer; it’s your behaviour the police and marshals will spot!
Wonderful masks and face decorations – but they are not all safe and acceptable!

Flags and Signs

WNBR London Flags

“Race Card” Signs

These are designed to be printed and laminated. Usually riders attach them to their handlebars.

Designs for Flags and Signs

These are designed to be printed as flags or signs.

PDF downloads

PDF files provide the highest quality for printing flags and signs.

Race Cards:

Flags / Signs:


See the Publicity & Promotion page for downloadable posters!