Well, WNBR London 2021 was a great success with over a thousand riders despite the Covid-19 risk reduction measures. The traditional date for the ride is the second Saturday in June, so save the date – Saturday 11th June 2022 (to be confirmed).

WNBR London 14th August 2021
WNBR London 14th August 2021

Following the Government’s lifting of the 30-person restriction, WNBR London has confirmed details for the ride on the new date of Saturday 14th August 2021.

Despite the Government’s removal of measures, the ride will have many adjustments to reduce the risks from Covid-19. In particular, organisers are shortening the stationary gatherings and have cancelled the afterparty.

WNBR London has announced a record eight start points at Clapham Junction, Croydon, Deptford, Hyde Park, Kew Bridge, Regents Park, Tower Hill and Victoria Park. These start points will offer riders the choice of short, slow rides or longer, faster rides into Central London. The routes will allow the environmental campaign to deliver its messages over 53 miles (85Km) of London’s congested and polluted streets, crossing 14 Thames bridges on the way. All routes will merge into a spectacular 1,000+ rider peloton.

Reducing Covid-19 Risks

Participants should do their best to ensure they are not at risk from the virus. Nobody should ride if they have symptoms or have had a recent positive test. We recommend riders take a lateral flow test in the morning of the ride, use sanitiser and keep their masks on, particularly when stationary.

Social contact will be minimised:

  • Time at starts, finishes and rest points will be as short as practical.
  • Start groups will not wait for all other riders to be present before moving on.
  • Riders should disperse as soon as they reach the finish.
  • Participants should socially distance when stationary.
  • No bodypainting at starts.
  • The afterparty has been cancelled.

WNBR London takes place on the public streets of London. Nobody can control the actions or behaviours of the public. Participants should endeavour to avoid crowds and interactions with strangers.

2021 Ride Details

Here are the starts and timings for 2021.

StartMeeting PointAssembleRide
Clapham JunctionGrant Road, SW11 2NU14:3014:45
Croydon233 Shirley Church Road, CR0 5AB12:4513:00
DeptfordMatchstick Piehouse, SE8 5HD13:4514:00
Hyde ParkNorth Carriage Drive, near Marble Arch14:3014:45
Kew BridgeNorth end of Kew Bridge near W4 3NQ13:1513:30
Regents ParkOuter Circle, near NW1 4NA14:3514:50
Tower HillTrinity Square Gardens, EC3N 4DJ14:3014:45
Victoria ParkNear Bonner Gate/Dogs of Alcibiades E2 9JW13:1513:30
Accessible OptionBelvedere Rd SE1 7GQ15:4516:00
Join us on Saturday 14th August 2021

Previous Rides


2020 Means Safer Roads
2020 = Safer Roads!

Due to the COVID-19 Virus, World Naked Bike Ride London 2020 did not ride on 13th June 2020 but became #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide. Hundreds of supporters joined in safe alternative activities either at home or in isolation. Read how it went in this blog post.

WNBR London considered the circumstances and concluded we must take a cautious approach for the safety of our participants and the general public. We reviewed the decision every month based on latest evidence and guidance. Although we had planned and tested safe alternative rides, we remained concerned about the safety of spectators.


There were seven starts for the 2019 London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday 8th June 2019. The start points offered riders the choice of short, slow rides or longer, faster rides into Central London. The routes allowed the environmental campaign to deliver its messages on 65Km of London’s congested and polluted streets, crossing 14 Thames bridges on the way. The groups converged in Central London to form a single peloton.

See the great photoset created by team photographer, Scott Hortop.

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The main ride for 2018 was the biggest ever. It drew lots of media attention and excellent feedback from participants. You can watch our highlights video here.

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