Clapham Junction

Date: Saturday 11 June 2022 (subject to lockdowns, approvals, etc)

Time: 14:30 assembly, for 14:45 departure

Location: Grant Road



Clapham Junction is very convenient for the train connections, after all, it is the biggest junction and has the most trains passing through – over 2,000 on weekdays. It is optionally a circular route, with riders returning to the start point after completing the ride. Our start point is alongside the station (Platform 1 side) in a fairly small public square. The route is 9 miles (14½ Km) without the optional return leg.

Start point

We meet on Grant Road, just outside Clapham Junction railway station, in the pedestrian area next to The Church of the Nazarene. The nearest post code is SW11 2NU. Gather at 14:30 for 14:45 departure. Please behave responsibly as this is a residential neighbourhood.

Clapham Junction start as seen from Platform 1

The nearest exit from the station is via the underpass, near to platform 1. There are lifts from every platform to the overbridge, and from platform 1/2 to the underpass. So, if you don’t want to carry your bike downstairs from a different platform, you can use 3 lifts:

  • From your platform to the overbridge.
  • From the overbridge to the end of platform 1.
  • From the middle of platform 1 to the underpass.

After you go through the ticket barrier, turn left. There is a ramp behind the door, giving you step-free access to the road outside. The meeting place is in the square almost opposite.

After Party

There will be an afterparty at a Central London pub this year. We will have exclusive access for a clothing-optional celebration after the ride.

Return Ride

We will lead an optional return ride to Clapham Junction.
Details of how to join this will be announced at the start of the ride.

Feeder Ride

There is an optional feeder ride from Kew Bridge which will provide a long and scenic ride into town, criss crossing the Thames before joining with the Clapham Junction riders. 13:30 assembly, 13:45 departure. The assembly point will be at the North end of the bridge by the steps leading to the Strand on the Green, opposite the Strand Cafe. North end of Kew Bridge, W4 3NQ.
Link to Kew start page


  • 14:30 Assemble for a ride briefing. Please keep your clothes on at this point, but you can use the time to decorate your bike, e.g. by attaching flags or signs.
  • 14:45 Undress and depart.
  • 17:30 Finish at Wellington Arch. (approx)

Body painting

There will not be any full body painting facilities at Clapham Junction. If you want to use body paint, please do it at home and then put your clothes on over the top.


If you come by train, you may want to use the toilets on your train (free of charge). There are also toilets inside the station – in the underpass and on the overbridge by platform 17.