Victoria Park

Date: Saturday14 August 2021

Time:  11:00 gather, 13:30 departure

Location: Near Bonner Gate / Dogs of Alcibiades statues E2 9JW



WNBR London at Buckingham Palace

Start point

Near Bonner Gate / Dogs of Alcibiades statues E2 9JW


The provisional date for WNBR London is 14 August 2021. Like everyone on the planet, we have doubts about what lies ahead, so we cannot yet confirm details for the ride.

Victoria Park is a new route for 2020. It is around 11½ miles long (18½ Km). The group is led by one of our disabled cyclists and will take a comfortable route to merge with the Deptford and Tower Hill groups before becoming part of the overall peloton.


  • 11:00 Gather
  • 13:00 Muster for ride
  • 13:30 Ride
  • 14:45 Join with Tower Hill and Deptford groups
  • 15:45 Meet the other groups near Westminster Bridge
  • 17:30 Merged ride finishes near Hyde Park Corner Wellington Arch
  • 18:00 Optional onward ride to afterparty

Body painting

To be confirmed.


To be confirmed.