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This site provides information about the World Naked Bike Ride in London. If you continue you will see some non-sexual images of naked bike riders. It is a popular, peaceful, legal, public protest on the streets of London but parental guidance is advised to ensure the beneficial intent of the ride is understood and well received.

WNBR London 2022 was a great success with a clicker count of 1,003  riders, although we probably missed a few. The traditional date for the ride is the second Saturday in June, so join us on Saturday 10th June 2023.

WNBR London is a not-for-profit, unincorporated association. It is a membership organisation, defined by its constitution. The campaign seeks to draw attention to its themes by being a fun, well-behaved, lawful spectacle that delights the public and attracts media attention. It is affiliated to WNBR UK and to the global World Naked Bike Ride network. It is not connected to other protest, cycling or naturist organisations.

TimeOut London August 2021

The annual WNBR London Naked Bike Ride is worthy, free, fun,  legal and it’s making the world a better place for everyone.

Cleaner environment, safer roads, healthier lifestyles, better attitudes!

The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists and is a protest against car culture. WNBR is a worldwide campaign with a number of linked themes.

Its objectives are to:

  • protest against the global dependency on oil
  •  curb car culture
  •  obtain real rights for cyclists
  •  demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
  •  celebrate body freedom
WNBR London crossing Westminster Bridge © Henry Yuen
WNBR London crossing Westminster Bridge © Henry Yuen

Bike Week
WNBR London is part of Bike Week – an annual opportunity to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. Bike Week first took place in 1923! It was, and always has been, a great opportunity to highlight the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling, with a core aim of getting people to give cycling a go all over the UK. Whether it’s for fun, as a means of getting around to work or school, a trip to the local shops or just to visit friends – cycling is for everyday, for everyone.


Please Help Us Make It Happen

The ride is made possible by volunteer helpers and generous donations from our participants. Please join the collective or offer us your help. Please Contact Us if you can help with Marshalling, First Aid, Bodypainting, Sound Systems, Publicity, Fundraising etc.

No one is paid for running WNBR London, but we do have some significant expenses like radio comms hire, road closure fees, website, insurance, printing, marshals’ ID, etc.

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Well, WNBR London 2022 was a great success with a clicker count of 1,003 riders, although we probably missed a few. The traditional date for the ride is the second Saturday in June, so join us on Saturday 10th June 2023.

The details below refer to the 2022 ride. We will update you with the 2023 information closer to the date

Start Locations in 2022

Start Meeting Point Assemble Ride
Clapham Junction Grant Road, SW11 2NU 14:30 14:45
Croydon 233 Shirley Church Road, CR0 5AB 11:00 13:00
Deptford Matchstick Piehouse, SE8 5HD 12:00 14:00
Kew Bridge North end of Kew Bridge near W4 3NQ 13:15 13:30
Regents Park Outer Circle, near NW1 4NA 14:35 14:50
Tower Hill Trinity Square Gardens, EC3N 4DJ 13:45 14:45
Victoria Park Near Bonner Gate/Dogs of Alcibiades E2 9JW 11:00 13:30
Wellington Arch Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner W1J 7JZ 14:15 14:45
Accessible Option Belvedere Rd SE1 7GQ 15:45 16:00

The usual, highly popular start in Hyde Park is not available for WNBR London in 2022 as the areas we use will be fenced off and closed to the public due to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. Wellington Arch has been added as an alternative.

Why is there no Hyde Park start in 2022?

Given that the Jubilee celebrations will have been the weekend beforehand, no concern had been raised by the Police or other authorities. In consultations with the Royal Parks’ Hyde Park management team, it transpired that there are unpublished plans for closing a large part of Hyde Park and Green Park along with other areas in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace. Although the celebrations will be over, these areas will remain closed to the public for the dismantling of infrastructure. According to the Royal Parks, this will make it impossible for riders or the general public to use these parts of Hyde Park.

They also anticipate closures around Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Constitution Hill and the Mall, which would mean the closure of cycle paths as well as the roads and other public access. This means it will also be necessary to make adjustments to the route and to the finish point.

There are multiple start points for the ride, so please choose the one you like the most. The exact routes will be decided nearer to the date.

Reducing Covid-19 Risks

There is still a lot of coronavirus around, so participants should do their best to ensure they are not at risk and not spreading from the virus. Nobody should ride if they have symptoms or have had a recent positive test. We recommend riders take a lateral flow test in the morning of the ride, use sanitiser and keep their masks on, particularly when stationary.

Social contact should be minimised, but we are returning to our normal gatherings and rest breaks.

WNBR London takes place on the public streets of London. Nobody can control the actions or behaviours of the public. Participants should endeavour to avoid crowds and interactions with strangers.

Flag-making party

There will be a clothing-optional flag-making meet up on the eve of the ride at a Central London pub.

Previous Rides

2021 Ride

Following the Government’s lifting of the 30-person restriction, WNBR London confirmed details for the ride on the rescheduled date of Saturday 14th August 2021.

WNBR London 2021 had a record eight start points at Clapham Junction, Croydon, Deptford, Hyde Park, Kew Bridge, Regents Park, Tower Hill and Victoria Park. These start points offered riders the choice of short, slow rides or longer, faster rides into Central London. The routes allowed the environmental campaign to deliver its messages over 53 miles (85Km) of London’s congested and polluted streets, crossing 14 Thames bridges on the way. All routes merged into a spectacular peloton with an estimated 1,421 riders.

Despite the Government’s removal of measures, the ride had many adjustments to reduce the risks from Covid-19. In particular, organisers shortened the stationary gatherings and cancelled the afterparty.

To mark the original date for the 2021 ride, we ran another programme of #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide events including ZoomIns and another photo competition. Read about it in this blog.


2020 Means Safer Roads
2020 = Safer Roads!

Due to the COVID-19 Virus, World Naked Bike Ride London 2020 did not ride on 13th June 2020 but became #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide. Hundreds of supporters joined in safe alternative activities either at home or in isolation. Read how it went in this blog post.

WNBR London considered the circumstances and concluded we must take a cautious approach for the safety of our participants and the general public. We reviewed the decision every month based on latest evidence and guidance. Although we had planned and tested safe alternative rides, we remained concerned about the safety of spectators.


There were seven starts for the 2019 London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday 8th June 2019. The start points offered riders the choice of short, slow rides or longer, faster rides into Central London. The routes allowed the environmental campaign to deliver its messages on 65Km of London’s congested and polluted streets, crossing 14 Thames bridges on the way. The groups converged in Central London to form a single peloton.

See the great photoset created by team photographer, Scott Hortop.

See our video of the 2019 ride or watch the flypast video which shows most of the riders on The Mall.

You will also find our videos at https://vimeo.com/wnbrlondon.


The main ride for 2018 was the biggest ever. It drew lots of media attention and excellent feedback from participants. You can watch our highlights video here.

See some examples of media coverage  or see some of the photos from photographer, Amelia Allen.



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