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As a campaign, we welcome and support positive media coverage. We are delighted to assist the press and photographers provided they undertake to present WNBR in a fair and honest manner, focusing on the good intent of the participants, who are seeking to make the world a better place for everyone.


There are many good sources of information about the ride. Read more about “Our Mission” and the photography policy on this site.  The world-wide WNBR campaign also has an extensive Wiki with information about the mission and activities in countries around the globe. The press releases below also contain detailed information about the ride.


HE Magazine August 2022

Sample coverage

Some previous online examples can be found on our media coverage page.

Press Releases

Press Release and Photocall forWorld Naked Bike Ride London 2022

2022 Jubilee Celebrations impact upon the World Naked Bike Ride in London on 11th June 2022

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No Ride In 2020 & Fake Ride Scam: NoRideIn2020

2020 #NotTheWorldNakedBikeRide: NotWNBR

2020 Cancelled: WNBRLondon2020cancelled

2020 Starts  Announced: WNBRLondon2020StartsConfirmedV01

2019 Ride Information and photocall: WNBRLondon2019MediaInfoForRide

2019 Date Announced: WNBRLondon2019DateAnnounced

2018 Ride Day Info: WNBRLondon2018MediaInfoForRidev01

2018 Date Announced: WNBRLondon2018DateAnnouncedv01

2017 Ride Day Info: WNBRLondon2017MediaInfoForRidev01

2017 Routes and Timings Announced: WNBRLondon2017MediaInfo(final)