Coming by train?

A key theme of WNBR is to protest about oil dependency – so we really don’t like to hear you are thinking about coming by car or flying.  If you use a train hopefully you won’t add to the world’s pollution levels.


National Rail

Most trains will take bicycles for free on a Saturday, but you do need to check the specific train company you’d be travelling with because they all have different rules.

In some cases you have to book – most likely on long-distance services that do seat bookings. In some cases they have limited places on a first come first served basis.

Some trains now have specific bike racks which are the source of much annoyance as they can be hard to use and don’t work with atypical bikes.

See which has some useful guidance.

TfL: London Underground, Overground, Elizabeth Line, TfL Rail and DLR

The rule of thumb for TfL services is that you cannot take normal bikes on the deeper, smaller tube trains, but you can at off-peak times on the “subsurface” lines. Bear in mind that there may be lots of steps to carry your bike up!

At weekends you should be able to use the new Elizabeth Line, DLR, London Overground and local National Rail services.

There is information and a map on the TfL website:

TfL: cycles on public transport map

TfL: cycles on public transport advice

Folding Bikes

Fully folding bikes are OK on most forms of public transport.

Starts & Stations

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