Accessible Option

Date: Saturday 8 June 2024

Time: from 15:15 assembly, for 15:45 departure.

Location: St John’s Church Gardens, Secker St, SE1 8UF. ///market.fend.guards

The rendezvous point for the short, easy, accessible option for WNBR London will be at the north-east entrance to St John’s Church Gardens, Secker St, SE1 8UF.

This rear entrance at the north-east of the gardens is accessible, with only a slight kerb of around 2cm. The front entrance is not accessible, and neither is the other rear entrance from Secker St at the south-east. We hope you will be able to wait comfortably in the gardens. If there is an event in the gardens, wait in the quiet backstreet outside the rear entrance.


Riders will remain clothed and be led from the rear entrance along quiet roads to join the main ride when it has arrived at the rendezvous.

Cycling and WNBR should be for everyone! There have always been a few participants with disabilities that limit their ability to ride, so, this year, we have introduced a specific option to make it easier to join us. WNBR London’s accessible start provides an easier route for people with accessibility needs or restricted ability to keep up with the ride.

The accessible route runs between the two main rest points. This means that participants can prepare for the ride in the presence of hundreds of sympathetic supporters. Some marshals and friendly riders will join you until the second rest point, where, again, you will be in the midst of a big crowd of supporters while you are getting ready to go home. You will start at the front of the ride so that you should complete the accessible route before the last riders arrive.

You will appreciate that we cannot guarantee your safety on the streets of London, so please only join this ride if you are confident of your ability to ride safely – you will be riding at your own risk. Further details about the arrangements will be supplied to people requesting to join this start group.

Participation is free but please donate! The ride is made possible by volunteer helpers and generous donations from our participants. No one is paid for running WNBR London, but we do have some significant expenses like security, radio comms hire, road closure fees, website, insurance, printing, marshals’ ID, etc. It’s got to be worth a tenner or more!