The Collective

WNBR London is organised as a collective. It doesn’t have a leader or employees.  Everyone who participates in any way is equally a part of our collective – volunteers, riders, marshals, stewards, first aiders, photographers, body painters, etc.

Anyone who has the time, energy and interest can join the organising team. Please contact us if you want more information about how you can help.



The WNBR London Collective is a not-for-profit, unincorporated association. It is a membership organisation, defined by its constitution. The constitution may be viewed here: Constitution and Rules of WNBR-London 10th February 2021.

 2024 Calendar

    Wednesday, 10th January 2024Collective Meeting
    Thursday, 8th February 2024Collective Meeting
    Thursday, 14th March 2024Collective Meeting
    Thursday, 11th April 2024Collective Meeting
    Thursday, 9th May 2024Collective Meeting
    Saturday, 1st June 2024Test Ride
    Wednesday, 5th June 2024Pre-ride Meeting
    Thursday, 6th June 2024Marshals’ Briefing
    Friday, 7th June 2024Briefing Video Available
    Saturday, 8th June 2024Ride Day
    Thursday, 13th June 2024Debrief

    Meetings are usually at 19:30. They will be online using Zoom until further notice. Contact us if you would like the joining instructions.

    Previous Years

    Meeting details and minutes from previous years are available on the archive page.

    2024 Minutes