The Afterparty is now over!

Watch this space for information about the 2024 ride

The annual WNBR London ride will be on 10 June 2023, after which we’d love participants and supporters to join us at the afterparty from 6pm

This year we’re taking over a club!

The annual WNBR London protest ride will be on the afternoon of Saturday 10th June 2023, after which we’d love participants and supporters to join us at the afterparty from 6pm!

We will have exclusive use of the main rooms until 9pm for our clothing-optional party. Food and drink will be available.

We are again ticketing the party as we need to manage numbers and we need your donations to help us run WNBR London. No one gets paid or makes money from WNBR London but there are a lot of things we have to pay for!

To reduce unwelcome gawpers and gatecrashers, we will only share the venue details with ticket holders via Eventbrite email notifications. You will receive an email by 8th June. If you don’t see it – get in touch with us through any messaging option. Attendees should bring their ticket (printed or on phone) or some form of identity if we need to check you against the ticket list. (It is an adults only venue.)


Eventbrite is a very popular, well-established ticketing system. We sometimes hear about people not getting tickets and mailings from Eventbrite because your email provider has failed to deliver it. For that reason we recommend you sign up for a free account on Eventbrite so that you can log in and find your tickets and information about events. You can alternatively obtain tickets without an account.

If there is some reason why you cannot book by Eventbrite, message us and we’ll see if there is some other way. (We will not be accepting cash for tickets.)

Here’s what we can tell you about it:

Date: Saturday 10th June 2023

Time: exclusive clothes-optional use from 6pm to 9pm.

  • Nearest tube is Angel
  • Enough space for lots of us!
  • Only WNBR London ticket holders will be admitted
  • Food and drink available
  • Guided ride from WNBR finish
  • Or drop off your bike and turn up on foot
  • Convenient for tube and buses
  • There is a room for bike storage although you may need to improvise how to stand the bikes up
  • There are also bike hoops and a TfL Santander Bike Hire dock right outside in the street
  • Tickets will be issued as fund-raising donations and to control numbers
  • Early-bird tickets if you book early
  • Sensibly priced standard donation party tickets for WNBR London participants
  • Friends and family donation tickets for non-participants
  • Higher donation tickets for our beloved big fans and rich supporters
  • Sunset will be 21:16 – if you are riding home late, you’ll need lights for your bike
  • Bring a good bike lock, lights, some clothes and money!
  • Don’t ride your bike if you have had too much alcohol!

I need an Afterparty

Please join the party and buy some food and drink, but don’t be drunk in charge of your bicycle.

As well as the on-site bike storage space, there are bike hoops and a TfL Santander Bike Hire dock right outside in the street, as well as several others in the neighbourhood. Or it might be smarter to drop your bike off and arrive (clothed) on foot.  You can also get there by tube or bus.

We will lead an optional ride from the end of WNBR London ride to the venue. The meeting point for the ride to the afterparty will be described in the information we send to ticket holders.

If you have a ticket but have not received the venue information by 48 hours before – contact us!

You can share your interest, invite your friends and keep up to date at the FaceBook event for the Afterparty.