Wellington Arch / Hyde Park Corner Start

Date: Saturday 11 June 2022

Time: 14:15 assembly for 14:45 departure

Location: Wellington Arch, near Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Group At Trafalgar Square

Start point

We will meet in the area surrounding Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner. See Facebook event for info.


This is not a particularly good place to hang out before the ride so we ask people to arrive no more than 30 minutes before the ride .

  • 14:15 Assemble
  • 14:45 Depart
  • 17:30 Finish

Body painting

There is no organised bodypainting at this start. Please arrive painted if you can! We encourage riders to buy some body paints for themselves and get painted up before they come to the ride. A list of suitable slogans can be found here.

Photographers can be a problem at the ride start. If you notice photographers crowding around someone, please politely enquire whether the subject of the photograph is happy to be photographed. If they aren’t happy being photographed, please ask the photographers to stop, and consider standing between the photographers and subject (in a polite but assertive manner).

You may prefer to start the ride with your clothes on.  We stop soon after the start to allow everyone to join up, so that is a good time to undress.


There are toilet facilities in the parks but not near the start.