Evening Ride 7th July 2018

WNBR London Rides Again!

WNBR London Rides Again on 7th July 2018

World Naked Bike Ride London has been invited to reprise our cycling protest as one of the processional community art elements of Italian artist Marinella Senatore, which are a strand of Art Night on Saturday 7th July 2018. We said we would be happy to take to the streets of Battersea again provided it is another opportunity to present our campaign messages to London (and not a piece of art or entertainment).

As part of a strand of Art Night, the ride should be well organised with private areas for preparation and security staff to keep us safe.

Senatore’s elements start at Battersea Power Station at 6pm. We plan to meet from 4pm for bodypainting and preparation. We would take to the road as usual and pass through the venues at planned times. We then move on to repeat this in Vauxhall and again alongside the new USA Embassy – which is an interesting place to be. We expect to disband before sunset although we are invited to late-night venues at the London Eye then Southbank Centre from midnight to 3am. We do not plan to stay out after dark but if some of you want to volunteer – let us know!

Because there will be limited space at the venues, and because it is for the community, and because WNBR.London believes that cycling and WNBR should be for everyone – we need to limit numbers and achieve an appropriate balance and diversity to deliver the right kind of message. We therefore need to issue tickets in a way that delivers a reasonable balance – without being unfair or intrusive. As supporters of WNBR we hope you accept that we need to do so to promote our mission. So – the ticket categories may appear uniquely strange – but we think this is the easiest way to achieve a perceivable level of diversity.

Apply for a place on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wnbr-london-rides-again-tickets-47113508773