What’s the route?

We get asked this question a lot of times. And the answer is – we don’t publish details about the route

We don’t know what the route and timing will be

  • We don’t fix our plans until we test all of the routes a week before the ride. We often find unexpected problems such as road closures.
  • Even then it’s usual for us to encounter problems on the day – like closures, congestion, accidents and other protests or events that were unknown to the police.
  • We have alternative plans and contingencies. Ride leaders confer on the day to decide which options to take when there is a problem.
  • The police have all our detailed plans including contingencies, but we do not share them elsewhere!
The Tower Hill group encounter a crane completely blocking the road…
… and make an unplanned visit to the Tate Modern to get past the crane

We want participants to be safe and avoid harassment

  • Riders don’t need to know the route – they only need to know where and when to meet.
  • It’s often people who only want to watch or photograph riders who want to know about the detailed routes and timings.
  • As a protest we welcome positive publicity; we do co-operate with the media and responsible photographers.
  • We also welcome genuine, supportive spectators sharing their photos and video.
  • But we don’t want to make it any easier than it is for unwelcome photographers or troublemakers to find us en route.
  • You can read more about good vs bad photography in our Photography Policy.
  • Often it’s people with bad motives who make the biggest fuss about not knowing the detailed routes and timing!
Looks like they knew we were coming